Crime is an unfortunate reality in South Africa, and goods stored on the back of a bakkie are easy pickings. Even with a traditional canopy access to your equipment and tools takes only seconds. Enter the Securi-Lid roll-top cover. Designed for South African conditions, it offers a safe, yet easy-to-access storage solution.

Ease of access for you

The roll-top design of the Securi-Lid means that you can quickly and easily access your stuff, no matter where it is stored in your bakkie load bed. The new 218 version even comes with a nifty adjustable mid-stop position. If that takes too long for you we can combine the 218 with the Securi-Slide 315, which offers even easier access to your goods.

Securi-Lid 315 in action

I need more room

Need to store ladders or transport items that are longer than your load bed? Our alternative to the old canopy roof racks is the Securi-Lid Cari-on racks. These racks will give you complete access to the full load bed, while at the same time offering you the ability to securely attach your ladders, timber or trunking above the lid for transport to and from the site

If your business involves the transport of tools or materials during your work day, the Securi-Lid will help your peace of mind while you are onsite. The easy lock-and-go nature of the system allows you to quickly access what you need and then secure the rest of your tools while you are inside on the job.

“The Securi-Lid has changed my entire work process. I now spend at least an hour less
every day trying to find what I am looking for.” CS