At Securi-Lid, we are constantly striving for engineering excellence. That is why we decided on the fitment centre network to do the installation of our products. Each accredited fitment centre has undergone training on how to fit the Securi-Lid for your vehicle.

Each fitment centre also undergoes continuous training on new products and installation and maintenance methods as we develop them. Fitment centres that do not adhere to our ongoing training ethic will have their accreditation withdrawn. Please check our website regularly for accredited fitment centres.

Another reason we decided to go the fitment centre route was that the installation of your Securi-Lid is not a one-person job. Each fitment centre will have a team with the correct tools for the job thus ensuring that your Securi-Lid is properly fitted and in the best working order possible.

Your happiness with your Securi-Lid is our number one priority. All fitment centres have ongoing support from a dedicated regional team who are responsible for the training and accreditation of each fitment centre in our network. Should you feel that you are not getting the level of support from one of our fitment centres that you deserve, please feel free to reach out to the regional team and they will be able to assist you further.

Our fitment centre network has allowed us to expand to most of South Africa and into Africa. Securi-Lid is now growing into more international markets, and we have just added an Australian distributor. We look forward to adding new markets and fitment centres over the next few months, thanks to the popularity of the Securi-Lid.

Inside the Securi-lid factory