Roller shutter lids and tonneau covers, are commonly used on bakkies for various purposes, including security, weather protection, and improving aerodynamics. Here are the top 10 professions or occupations that often use roller shutter lids on their bakkies:

  1. Building Contractors: Contractors of all kinds, including builders, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers, use roller shutter lids to protect tools and equipment from theft and the elements.
  2. Delivery Drivers: Delivery professionals, such as courier drivers or food delivery drivers, use roller shutter lids to secure and protect their cargo during transit.
  3. Tradespeople: Tradespeople like carpenters, painters, and HVAC technicians often carry valuable tools and supplies in their pickups, making roller shutter lids an essential accessory.
  4. Fleet Vehicles: Companies that operate fleets of bakkies, such as construction companies or utility services, may install roller shutter lids for added security and efficiency.
  5. Farmers and Agriculture: Farmers and agricultural workers use bakkies with roller shutter lids to transport equipment, supplies, and even livestock on occasion.
  6. Outdoor Enthusiasts: Outdoor enthusiasts, like campers, hunters, and anglers, use roller shutter lids to secure camping gear, firearms, and other equipment while on adventures.
  7. Security Services: Security companies often use bakkies with roller shutter lids to transport security equipment, surveillance gear, and tools.
  8. Emergency Services: Fire departments, search and rescue teams, and other emergency services may use bakkies with roller shutter lids to store equipment and supplies.
  9. Photographers and Videographers: Professionals in the media industry use bakkies with roller shutter lids to transport cameras, tripods, and other sensitive equipment.
  10. Recreation and Sports: People involved in sports and recreational activities, such as coaches, event organizers, and sports equipment vendors, may use roller shutter lids to transport gear and supplies.

Roller shutter lids provide versatility and security, making them a practical choice for a wide range of professions and individuals who rely on bakkies for their work or leisure activities.