Are you prepared to put a price on the safety of your goods? We recently had a specialist plumber telling us about how he almost went under when his equipment was stollen from the back of his bakkie on site.

We asked our plumber, who was in for his annual service how much it had actually cost him in real terms to get back to where he was before the break in. He said his biggest issue was an imported leak detection device that he had to wait for 2 weeks to get. Added to that he had to pay in a 10% excess on all the items plus then spend a day running around to pick everything up. His Securi-Lid cost less than half of what he lost that day, which is pretty good going.

This got us to thinking about how much it really costs to have your work tools stolen, and how much more safety a Securi-Lid offers than the old tried and tested tonneau cover. At the end of the day the Securi-Lid offers a far more secure load bed cover for your bakkie. Even if would be thieves know what is stored in your load bed, the chances of them getting in are very slim. The time saving aspect is also one that is overlooked. The Securi-Lid is a simple roll-open, roll-closed system, whereas the tonneau cover requires far more effort to hook up all the points.

So, while the tonneau cover still has some uses, it provides very little competition to the Securi-Lid other than being a far cheaper solution. In terms of ease-of-use and keeping your goods safe the Securi-Lid is a superior option on both fronts.

Inside the Securi-lid factory