For the last few decades, the canopy has been used as the means of protecting items of value on the back of South African bakkies. And while bakkie canopies have done a great job, they offer limited resistance to a determined thief.

Enter the Securi-Lid. Since launching its first roller shutter lid in 2006, the company has gone from strength to strength and is now an OEM-approved supplier many leading bakkie brands. The roller shutter is fast becoming the go to for securing a bakkie load bin.

What makes the Securi-Lid different?

The 216 was the original product and combined premium quality components with OEM-approved principles of design to give a product that was not only “bullet proof” but also added to the aesthetics of the vehicle. It was designed for Africa by Africans.

Originally the Securi-Lid was developed for businesses looking to ensure that equipment or stock was secure on the back of the bakkie when it was unattended. In time though many outdoor enthusiasts have started using its easy lock-and-go features. From camping to sports like cycling, surfing or golf, the Securi-Lid has you covered.

In 2019, Securi-lid launched the 218. This introduced new features like the slide lock which allows the tailgate to be opened while the unit is locked. The 218 is only offered on bakkies that have a lockable tailgate.

The 216 model comes with a 1-year warranty and the 218 model comes with a 3-year warranty. Annual services are recommended to keep the units at their best.

Is the Securi-Lid compatible to all bakkies?

The Securi-Lid is designed and engineered for all major vehicle brands

We have created an easy-to-use quick find chart, that will let you know if your bakkie is compatible.

Where can I get a Securi-lid?

We have established a nationwide distributor network, along with an ever-increasing selection of approved fitment centres. Securi-Lid has also expanded across the borders into several Southern African countries for businesses that are involved in cross-border operations, including into Africa and Mauritius .

Our national distributor network covers all provinces. Each region has a dedicated team to ensure fitment quality and customer satisfaction. They are able to assist you with more technical information should you have any questions before making your purchase.

Are you looking for more?

Our 216 and 218 units accommodates for the fitting of accessories, designed to give extra functionality to your bakkie. The stylish Cari-on racks gives extra options such as:

  • Transport work equipment and materials like ladders, timber, gutters etc.
  • Attach bicycle racks, canoe fasteners, surfboards or fishing rods
  • Mount and use rooftop tents

The Yakima bike racks are a great add-on for cyclists. They work perfectly with the Cari-on racks and offer a unique way of fastening your bike by means of holding the wheels only.

Securi-Lid 315 in action

When Securi-Lid and the canopy work hand-in-hand

In specific industries, there is a need for a larger canopy. These would include industries like the courier industry and florists. To make life easier for these industries we have developed the Securi-Lid 315 Cargo Tray. This allows for easier loading and offloading of goods. With a static load capacity of 350kg and an operating capacity of 150kg, it offers a great solution for your business.

The Securi-Lid offers a versatile and safe alternative to the old-fashioned bakkie canopy. With an ever-increasing crime rate, it offers you peace of mind that the items in your load bin are safe.

Contact your nearest fitment centre to get yours fitted and enjoy the benefits we offer.