At Securi-Lid we believe in the motto of work hard, play hard. With that in mind we have developed a range of accessories that extend the functionality of your Securi-Lid and turn a great product into a lifestyle enhancing product.

One of South Africa’s favourite pastimes is surfing. With over 2 000 Km of coastline, South Africa offers some of the worlds best surfing spots. With your Securi-Lid and your Cari-On Racks, accessing these spots and enjoying them becomes even easier.

The Securi-Lid’s is easy to use and makes loading and unloading your gear quick and easy. The Cari-On Racks also makes loading your boards that don’t fit in the load bed, quick and easy. By mounting your boards on the Cari-On Racks, you also free up space in the load bed for extra items if you are planning a slightly longer surfing getaway.

Getting to and from your destination is a pleasure with your Securi-Lid keeping everything where it is supposed to be. This also makes slightly harder to reach places an option for those great weekend breaks.

Once you are at your destination, the Securi-Lid offers you lock-up and go peace of mind. We have you covered while you enjoy your surf. Just make sure you keep your lid key safe; you don’t want to have to try break in there.

With Securi-Lid as your partner, all those surfing trips you wanted to take but never did, can now become a reality. Let us keep your goods safe while you enjoy that well earned surf.