The Toyota Hilux has been one of South Africa’s top selling bakkies for over 40 years. Their first model hitting South Africa’s shores in 1969. Since then the Toyota Hilux has become one of South Africa’s top selling vehicles, often outselling the sedans and hatchbacks that normally lead the sales charts.


The Securi-Lid 218 and the Securi-Lid 216 can both be fitted to the Toyota Hilux. Please consult one of our fitment centres to find out which of these works best with your model of Hilux. Securi-Lid are proud to be an OEM affiliate to Toyota, and would like to think we help add to the “Beyond tough” reputation.


In 2022, the Toyota Hilux celebrated its 10th year as South Africa’s top selling bakkie. Much of this success is down to Toyota’s willingness to listen to want their customers wanted. They have spent a great deal of time improving the interior comfort of the bakkie, so that it can now compare with the interior of most family saloon’s.


We are excited about the future with the Toyota Hilux range, and are glad that our Securi-Lids have helped so many Toyota Hilux owners get even more out of their bakkies.

Inside the Securi-lid factory