For years the tonneau cover in South Africa has mainly been the soft vinyl or cloth cover that is cheap and easy to install. There have been some hard covers made from fibreglass or composites, but these are more cumbersome to operate.

Securi-Lid has introduced its Premium Lockable Tonneau Cover. Manufactured to the same high standards as the Securi-Lid, it offers a more affordable solution to bakkie owners who need the security and ease of use this great product provides.

Manufactured from durable powder-coated aluminium, it offers far more protection than the old soft top covers that have dominated the market in the past. Its easy unlocking, opening and closing gives it the edge over the old hard top covers.

As with all Securi-Lid products, their tonneau cover offers a secure locking system. The tonneau comes with an integrated side channel for mounting of accessories, to give you the full Securi-Lid experience.

The tonneau can be rolled up and secured for driving in the fully open position. This is great for the odd occasion when you need to transport something bigger than normal.

Securi-Lid has again endeavoured to offer an excellent piece of engineering by making use of smart technology.

Chat with one of our nationwide fitment centres and see how our new Premium Lockable Tonneau Cover can help improve your bakkie.

Securi-Lid premium tonneau cover rolled open