The Securi-Lid offers the peace of mind that your goods are safe in transit and while your vehicle is stationary. There will be no more tears with our easy-to-use lock-and-go roller shutter on your bakkie. The high-quality components on the Securi-Lid 218 and 216, make it a far tougher proposition for would-be thieves. People tend to notice somebody with an angle grinder or a blow torch trying to access your load bed.

Then there is the ease of use. No more unclipping and reclipping the tonneau cover, simple unlock, roll open, load and then roll it closed.

This alone will add years to your life. Enter the Cari-On Racks. These turn a good product into a great product. Your Securi-Lid now has the ability to easily transport longer objects, like timber, trunking, or gutters in a secure fashion. Their easy integration with the Securi-Lid makes them a must-have for most businesses using a Securi-Lid.

The Securi-Lid is much more than just a work accessory. It is a lifestyle accessory as well. With a range of add-ons, the Securi-Lid is designed to add value to your leisure activities. The Cari-On Racks are the foundation of that freedom. From loading your surfboard or paddle-ski to adding the Yakima bike racks for fast loading and unloading of your mountain bikes, the Cari-On Racks offer it all.

Securi-Lid 315 in action

As with all Securi-Lid products we strive for engineering excellence. The Cari-On Racks are available in 2 heights, 70mm and 100mm. These options offer both purpose-driven and aesthetic solutions for all the models that can be fitted with a Securi-Lid. The Cari-On Racks will work with both the 218 and 216 Securi-Lids. Whether work or leisure the Cari-On racks add that extra bit of freedom to your choices. All you have to do is gear up and go.