Your Securi-Lid is much more than just a world-class roller lid, it is a lifestyle tool. Why do we say this?

Let’s look at some of the features the Securi-Lid offers:

  1. This may seem like an obvious point, but the fact is you get almost bulletproof security on all the items in your load bed.
  2. The Securi-Lid is designed and engineered for all the makes of bakkie we install on. The product is manufactured in a world-class factory to top international standards and uses only the best materials.
  3. Explore the great outdoors. Be it sport or leisure, your Securi-Lid gives you the freedom to get out there and enjoy your leisure time.
  4. It makes business sense. We have partnered with Compendium Insurance Brokers to offer you a discount on your insurance if you have a Securi-Lid fitted.

If you looking to get out more often and to look good while you are doing it, we highly recommend fitting a Securi-Lid on your bakkie today.