Get the most out of your Securi-Lid warranty

At Securi-Lid, we strive for engineering excellence in the manufacture of every unit we produce. In addition, we have selected the best possible partners to fit your new Securi-Lid. This has made us South Africa’s favourite roll top cover.

To ensure that your Securi-Lid experience is unforgettable, our 216 and 315 models come with a 1-year warranty and your new flagship 218 model comes with a 3-year warranty. Please ensure that you register your Securi-Lid on our website, as you will not be eligible for a warranty claim should you not have registered.

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One of the additional benefits of registering on the website is that you will receive an automated reminder every year for your Securi-Lid service. These services are designed to keep your lid operating at its best.

Fully open Securi-lid

What to do if something goes wrong with your Securi-Lid?

We understand that life happens, and as much as we would like to be able to offer the perfect product and experience, this may not always be the case.

In the event of there being a problem, we request that you contact your regional distributor to make arrangements for an inspection of the unit. Note that if the inspection reveals that the unit is not defective or the warranty is excluded, you will be liable for the costs of the inspection.

Should the inspection reveal that there is a defect, the regional distributor will make arrangements for the repair or replacement of the component.

Eastern Cape
041 379 2495

Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West & Free State
010 822 2791

087 153 5740

Western Cape
082 460 1386

The Securi-lid factory and PE offices

Things to take note of

If you have registered your lid, you will receive an automated annual reminder to have your lid serviced, please make sure that you get your service done to maintain your warranty status.

The fitment of accessories by a non-authorized fitment centre will void your warranty claim. The mounting of accessories done incorrectly can have a negative impact on the working of the roller shutter system. For peace of mind when adding any accessories, we recommend using one of our approved fitment centres. We have a nationwide footprint, and you can find the centre nearest to you on our website, where to fit in South Africa.

We also have fitment centres located in a growing number of African countries to offer you peace of mind for your travels north. African fitment centres