At Securi-Lid our aim is to build products that conform to three criteria: Quality, Functionality and Aesthetics.

Our factory is ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified, meaning you get a product that is designed and manufactured to the highest international standards. When we say “bulletproof” security, we do everything in our power to make that a reality.

Securi-Lid is an OEM-approved supplier for the following brands:

  • FORD allocated DSO part number VJB 3Z 265 01A 42 E
  • TOYOTA- allocated DSO part number PZN 65 DD 1000
  • ISUZU – allocated DSO part numbers:
    • V-cross – SL218-ISUZU-22VX-D
    • DC RG06 – SL218-ISUZU-22DC-D
    • EXT – SL218-ISUZU-22EC-D
    • LWB – SL216-ISUZU-22SC-D
  • PEUGEOT –allocated DSO part number  ZSL218X12DS
  • MAHINDRA Karoo

Built in Africa

African roads and rural terrain can be an unforgiving place. The Securi-Lid is designed in Africa for African conditions. From tropical rainforests to hot deserts, our continent will throw every weather type at your vehicle.

Large parts of Africa have very poor to no formal road networks, so we took to developing and testing a product that would keep your goods safe in the back of your bakkie while travelling to your final destination.

Securi-Lid 315 in action

Lifestyle choices

We have extended and enhanced the Securi-Lid, by developing a range of accessories that add extra functionality to your vehicle. To get the most out of life in Africa, the call of the great outdoors needs to be answered, and our range of add-ons will help enrich that call.

Our build quality allows for the mounting of rooftop tents that raise the camping experience, along with mountain biking, surfing and golf are just a few more activities that our happy customers use their Securi-Lid for.