We recently partnered with a small local florist to see what effect the Securi-Slide cargo tray would have on their business. They operate two VW Caddies, and one was equipped with the Securi-Slide and one left standard. After a three-month test, even we were left surprised by the differences.

Load Time

We expected the Securi-Slide to shine here, and that it did. The full load, load time on the vehicle without the Securi-Lid was around fifteen minutes. The vehicle with the Securi-Slide was around five and a half minutes. It must be noted that the full load is below the 150 Kg operating capacity of the Securi-Slide.

Delivery routes

Thanks to a regular 11 stop delivery route, we were able to compare the two vehicles again. The Caddie equipped with the Securi-Slide went first and finished the 197 Km round trip in 4 hours 12 minutes. The following week the Caddie without the Securi-Slide did the same trip in 6 hours 40.

Fully open Securi-lid

Staff feedback

The feedback from the delivery team was also favourable. They found the ease of loading and unloading pleasing, especially the no more crawling around in the back to find the delivery. The Securi-Slide was easy to operate, and they would all recommend it was the feedback we received.


Chatting to the owner, she tells us her productivity increased to a point that getting the second Caddie fitted with a Securi-Slide is a no brainer. She has been using the delivery team from the first vehicle to help prep the deliveries for the next day, something she had been doing herself up to now. This freed up her time to focus on customers and the business.