8 months ago, John* had his toolkit stolen off the back of his bakkie while stopping in at the local shop to buy milk for the office. Other than the R98 000 hit to his pocket, he lost a few days work running around picking up replacement tools. Luckily most of the items he needed were in stock locally.

I suggested he look at having a Securi-Lid fitted, as I know it had helped some of my other friends and colleagues with keeping their items safe. He was still not so sure, until chatting to his brother-in-law, who runs a painting business.

I bumped into John 3 weeks ago and asked him how his Securi-Lid was going. He is wondering how he didn’t get one sooner. To say that it has changed his life would be an understatement. Here is some of his feedback.

“I often travel out of town. I used to have to wake up early, go into the office and load my bakkie. Now days I load everything at the office, head home and get a great night’s sleep knowing that everything is securely locked away.

When I get to my destination, I used to have to find a secure place to store everything, normally my room at the BnB, but now days I just leave it all locked up in my load bed. Getting to what I want is quick and easy. I have added the Cari-On racks so that I can secure my ladders and trunking on there, making my life even easier.

And the best of all was when I chatted to my insurance broker, the goods in my load bed are now covered if the Securi-Lid is locked.”

If you have a story on how your Securi-Lid has helped you, we would love to hear from you. Please send them through to marketing@securi-lid.co.za.

*Not his real name

Inside the Securi-lid factory