In an industry where efficiency and organization can make or break the company, the Securi-Slide 315 is helping courier companies offer a more efficient service to their customers. The Aluminium cargo tray extends to 70%, giving easy access to the full tray.

With a 350kg load capacity and a 150kg operating capacity, it can handle most loads. Safe loading and unloading of packages can be cut by as much as 30% on a standard load out. This time-saving alone makes it a worthwhile addition to any courier fleet.

In addition to the expected benefits for the delivery team, it also has health benefits for them. No more getting their bodies into funny positions to haul packages out the back of the van. This will help reduce work-related injuries in the long run.

The customers we have spoken to also report a reduction in breakages, due to the ease with which you can now access the parcels. The integrated channel on the inner rail accommodates the attachment of accessories, such as Fastening Rings to give you extra load security.

Securi-Lid 315 in action

The composite roller wheels are designed for regular use and this will help reduce the amount of maintenance required. An annual service is recommended and can be performed at any one of our nationwide fitment centres.