For years the tonneau cover was the quick and cheap way of covering your bakkie load bin. Sadly, the days of the tonneau cover have come to an end with the roller top cover now offering a more versatile and secure alternative.

The Securi-Lid was designed to offer greater security to the contents of the bakkie load bin and has since developed into a lifestyle accessory for the modern outdoors adventurer.


From a security point of view, the Securi-Lid is miles ahead of the tonneau cover. The engineered roller top cover from Securi-Lid is produced using top-quality products offering an almost bulletproof security solution. For work or leisure, you can rest assured that items locked in the load bin area are going to be safe.

Securi-Lid’s easy lock-and-go mechanism also offers a great time saving compared to undoing and redoing the tonneau cover.

Securi-Lid 315 in action


If you are somebody who enjoys the great outdoors, then Securi-Lid is just for. Designed by Africans for Africa, the Securi-Lid will adapt to your lifestyle thanks to a range of useful accessories.

The Cari-On racks offer a quick and easy way to add extra functionality to your Securi-Lid. From being able to secure everyday work items to adding your surfboard or paddle ski, these racks do it all. They even offer the mounting of a rooftop tent, for those adventures where sleeping on the ground is best avoided.

For golfers, the Securi-Lid offers a safe and secure storage area for your clubs and extra bits and pieces. After a round simply put everything in, lock up and head back to the clubhouse knowing your clubs are safe and secure.

The addition of the Yakima Bikes Racks has made the Securi-Lid an even more attractive solution for cyclists. Their easy-to-use design combined with the Securi-Lid offers not only a safe area to store your gear but an easy way to attach your bikes and transport them safely to and from your next ride.


At the end of the day, the Securi-Lid is a clear winner when compared with the old tonneau cover. If you are still using a tonneau cover we recommend chatting to one of our nationwide fitment centres and seeing how you can make your life easier and more secure.